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  Title Price
  A Practical Guide to Financial Reporting Standards in Singapore (5th Edition) SG$ 211.86
  A Practical Guide to Singapore Financial Reporting Standard for Small Entities Price On Application
  Audit and Assurance - Principles and Practices in Singapore (3rd Edition) SG$ 126.26
  Audit and Assurance - Principles and Practices in Singapore(2nd Edition) Price On Application
  Auditing Principles and Assurance Services, Malaysia SG$ 84.53
  Auditing: Theory and Practice in Malaysia, 2nd Edition SG$ 93.09
  Business Combinations and Consolidation, 2nd Edition SG$ 126.26
  CCH GST Case Summaries SG$ 103.79
  Commercial Applications of Company Law in Singapore (5th Edition) SG$ 155.15
  Consolidated Financial Statements (6th Edition) SG$ 117.70
  Consolidated Financial Statements (MFRS Framework) SG$ 94.16
  Consolidated Financial Statements -- International Edition SG$ 179.76
  Credit Risk Management Handbook, First edition SG$ 133.75
  Derivatives and Hedge Accounting SG$ 49.22
  Efficient Auditing of Private Companies SG$ 101.65
  Financial Accounting and Reporting in Malaysia, Volume 2, Fifth Edition SG$ 101.65
  Financial Adviser and Broker Regulation in New Zealand SG$ 159.43
  Financial Instruments: Recognition, Measurement, Presentation & Disclosures (3rd Edition) SG$ 107.00
  Financial Reporting in HK: Illustrative Financial Statements2008 SG$ 74.90
  Financial Reporting in Hong Kong - iGAAP Series SG$ 335.98
  Financial Reporting in Hong Kong - Illustrative Financial Statements & Disclosure Checklist 2007 SG$ 51.36
  Financial Reporting in Hong Kong 2013 SG$ 484.71
  Foreign Exchange Control in China (2nd Edition) SG$ 328.49
  Handbook of Management Accounting, Fifth edition SG$ 104.86
  Hong Kong IPO - A Practical Guide SG$ 273.92
  Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide 2012/2013 SG$ 256.80
  Hong Kong Master GAAP Guide 2013/2014 SG$ 227.91
  Hong Kong Master Tax Guide 2015/2016 SG$ 150.87
  IFRS Certificate Learning Manual (Chinese Edition) SG$ 140.17
  IFRS Student Manual 2010 SG$ 139.10
  iGAAP Financial Reporting Standards in India including a comparison with IFRS 3rd Edition SG$ 321.00
  Internal Controls under Sarbanes Oxley 404(2nd edition)(bilingual) SG$ 144.45
  International Taxation: Law and Practice in Hong Kong and China SG$ 223.63
  Japan GAAP Guide SG$ 349.89
  Malaysia Audit Manual, 3rd Edition SG$ 147.66
  Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2016, 33rd Edition SG$ 104.86
  Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (The MPERS Framework) SG$ 101.65
  Master Tax Examples 2012/13 - 11th Edition SG$ 181.90
  PWC Manual of Accounting IFRS 2011 SG$ 423.72
  The Impact of GST on Accounting SG$ 73.83
  The Law of Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia - An Essential Guide for Practitioners SG$ 90.95
  Thornton's Malaysian Tax Commentaries, 6th Edition SG$ 94.16
  Transfer Pricing in Singapore SG$ 115.56
  Understanding the Accounting for Impairment of Assets SG$ 74.90
  Veerinder on Taxation, 4th Edition SG$ 117.70

  Title Price
  Singapore GAAP - A Practical Guide to Accounting Standards (Web Version) (Extra Licences) Price On Application

  Title Price
  Australian Master Tax Guide 2012 - Tax Year End Edition - 51st Edition EBook SG$ 268.57
  Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2016 - 33rd Edition eBook SG$ 65.00

eBook & Print Pack
  Title Price
  Malaysia Master Tax Guide 2016 Bundle (Print and eBook) SG$ 141.00

  Title Price
  Aust Federal Tax Reporter Price On Application
  Investment In China Special Economic Zones SG$ 802.50
  Japan GAAP Guide Price On Application
  Malaysia (The) Accountants Manual SG$ 1271.00
  Malaysia GAAP - A Practical Guide to Approved Accounting Standards SG$ 1142.00
  Sarbanes-Oxley Manual: A Handbook for the Act and SEC Rules Price On Application
  Singapore Accountants' Manual SG$ 1335.00
  Singapore GAAP - A Practical Guide To Accounting Standards SG$ 1953.00

  Title Price
  China Tax Accounting & Reference Database Full Package (Bilingual) SG$ 9274.00
  Financial Reporting Asia Pacific Singapore - Extra License Price On Application
  I-FinancePro Singapore (Web) Price On Application
  I-Tax Pro Singapore Price On Application
  IntelliCPA Basic Price On Application
  Malaysia (The) Accountants' Manual (Web) Price On Application
  Malaysia Accounting Tracker SG$ 365.00
  Malaysia Financial Reporting Expert (Web) Price On Application
  Malaysia GAAP, A Practical Guide to Approved Accounting Standards (Web) Price On Application
  Malaysia GST Cases SG$ 449.00
  Malaysia GST Reporter Online SG$ 953.00
  Malaysia GST Tracker Price On Application
  Malaysia I Finance Premium SG$ 2851.00
  Malaysia I Finance Pro SG$ 1571.00
  Singapore Accountants' Manual (Web Version) Price On Application
  Singapore Accounting Tracker SG$ 674.00
  Singapore Financial Reporting Expert Price On Application
  The Accountants Manual (Web) (Extra Licence) Price On Application
  Transfer Pricing in India, Web Price On Application
  Transfer Pricing in India, Web for Extra License Price On Application
  Worldwide Business Tax Guide Online Licence Price On Application
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